• Byrd Villain

    JA Artiste

  • Genres

    Dancehall, Reggae, Rap

  • Motto

    "I am a genre"

  • Calling Card

    Inka Tribe


Born on March 13 1990 in May pen Hospital, Fanseco Alphanso Byrd Junior’s future was already being carved out as a creative, multi-talented and athletic prodigy. His mother, Shernette, began setting the stage for the young creator from the very first track of his life by reading stories and drawing for Byrd Junior, who responded by phenomenally learning to read and write by the age of 2.

Fanseco's athletic prowess began emanating at the Monymusk Preparatory where he participated in all but one sport (netball) in which the school competed. Yet still he gravitated towards the creative arts by participating in dance and speech competitions. His exceptional skills in both sports and music continued at Glenmuir High School where he played football but more importantly made a name for himself as Byrd Villain by performing in lunchtime lyrical clashes.

As the third track of his life continued to play, Byrd Villain matriculated into the University of the West Indies and Chancellor Hall in 2008, where he continued to craft his skill as nothing short of the perfect artiste by producing over 100 songs per week, while also attending classes and playing football. Fast forward to 2011, and Byrd Villain has been instrumental in the creation of the Clean Game dancehall cartoon franchise, while still remaining active in sports and has amassed insurmountable hits as a writer of almost every genre of music. First recruited by Corey Todd ,former manager of Vybz Kartel, to the dancehall sphere, "Villi" as he is often dubbed by his peers, later teamed up with dancehall super producers Justus Arison and the late Patrick "Roach" Samuels who helped him hone is craft and shone an international spotlight on the budding prodigy's music. By combining both futuristic beats and current yet far reaching lyrics, timeless flows, witty concepts, a magnetic personality, infectious melodies and infectious rhythms; Fanseco "Byrd Villain" Byrd can only be defined in his own words, "I Am A Genre".